About Us

Close Up North is not just a consultancy; it’s a movement dedicated to fostering artistic expression, cultural diversity, and cross-cultural collaborations through the art of cinema. Join us on this extraordinary journey as we unlock the world of film.

Our Focus on Film Festivals:

We work with clients to craft film festivals that celebrate underrepresented cultures. It’s an opportunity to explore the uncharted, build connections, and make a cultural impact.

Consultation Services: Our expertise goes beyond festival organization. We provide consultation services to enhance your festival’s efficiency and effectiveness. This includes advising on the critical process of film fund creation, ensuring that it aligns with the festival’s goals and showcases diverse and impactful cinematic works.

Aiding Film Festivals:

Setting Up Film Funds: Close Up North plays a pivotal role in advising and consulting with film festivals and entities on establishing film funds. We provide detailed guidance on every aspect of fund creation, from project selection to committee formation.

We offer insights into the types of projects that should be supported, considering their stages of production (Pre-production, Production, Post-production), the prizes to be awarded, and the genres to be embraced.

Spotlight on Mouhamad Keblawi

Founder & Visionary

At the heart of Close Up North is our founder, Mouhamad Keblawi. He’s not just a leader; he’s a visionary in the world of film and cultural development. His profound passion for storytelling and dedication to cultural diversity have shaped Close Up North into a dynamic force in the film industry.

Keblawi is a trendsetter of film funds in the Middle East, his pioneer approach of setting the most renowned film funds in the region made an impact in drafting various film projects and collaborating with many influential team players that crafted the whole MENA region and he is a key figure till date supervising and consulting major film funds to ensure the  quality that unlocks the World of Film and Culture in the MENA to the world.

Facts about Mouhamad Keblawi:

  • Recipient of the Arab Cinema Personality of the Year award at the Arab Cinema Center during the Berlin Film Festival 2022.
  • Honored with the Malmo Cultural Contribution Award in 2021 for his outstanding contributions to literature, music, theater, and cinema in Malmo.
  • Served as a member and chairman of various international and Arab film festival juries.
  • Awarded the Creative Industry Award by the city of Malmo, Sweden in 2023.

Whether you’re seeking advisory services, festival guidance, or funding solutions, Mohammed’s vision is your guiding light.