Close Up North is where cinematic dreams come to life. We’re not just a consultancy; we’re your creative partner in the world of film. Whether you’re a budding festival organizer, a director seeking funding, or a filmmaker with an extraordinary story to tell, we’re here to help you unlock the full potential of your cinematic journey.

The Concept of Film Funds

Film Funds are the lifeblood of the film industry. They provide the financial foundation for filmmakers to turn their visions into reality. At Close Up North, we have mastered the art of navigating the world of Film Funds. If you’re a filmmaker looking for funding, don’t let rejections hold you back. We’ll assist you in identifying the right fund for your project and provide expert advisory services to strengthen your application.

Unlock the full potential of your film festival and film trust fund with Close Up North – Where Art and Culture Meet Expertise.

The World of Film Festivals

Film festivals are more than just screenings; they are vibrant celebrations of cultural diversity and artistic expression. Close Up North specializes in creating Cultural Film Festivals, events that transport audiences to diverse worlds through the magic of cinema. But even if you don’t have a festival, our expertise can help you explore this vibrant world.

EU and Scandinavian Expertise

At Close Up North, we showcase an in-depth understanding of film funds in the EU and North Scandinavian countries. Our extensive knowledge and experience make us your ideal partner for securing the funds you need. We know the intricacies, the key players, and the avenues to explore, ensuring your projects receive the financial support they deserve.