PRODUCER / DIRECTOR : Dima Abu Ghoush – Rashid Masharawi : Cinema Production Center – Palestine

PRODUCER : Mohammad Daradji : Iraq Al-Rafidain – Iraq

CO-PRODUCTION : Mouhamad Keblawi : Close-Up North

Passing DreamsSynopsis for a fiction film byRashid MasharawiSami, a young 12 years old boy, takes us on an exciting adventure that spans an entire day and night in the company of his uncle, and the uncle’s daughter, who is two years older than him, in search of a missing bird: a homing pigeon that Sami believes has flown back to its home of origin.Our journey begins in a refugee camp in the West Bank, where Sami lives with him mother, before traveling to Bethlehem, Jerusalem, and finally arriving at Haifa. During this journey, we witness the absurdity and cruelty of the reality in which Sami lives by diving into the little details of the daily life of modern Palestinians.We accompany Sami on his journey to retrieve his missing bird. On this journey, we witness the challenges that he faces, and his determination in holding on to his dream in spite of the unexpected events and challenges that face him. We see how Sami reacts to these events and how they affect him and change his perspective and the way he sees things around him. The actual journey that Sami takes us on parallels the journey that he internally takes as he changes from an isolated boy who is incapable of dealing with the society that he lives in due to his inability to communicate with his father, who is in prison, to a young man who sees things differently around him. As the journey comes to an end, it can also be seen as a new beginning for Sami. This film is about a young life that is full of hope and dreams and optimism despite the absurd and cruel reality in which it exists.